Litttle but LOUD!

8 JULY 2018   |   by Raza Ullah Khan   |   Digital Marketing
Your idea deserve advertisement

Most of the time, common mistake I found in new companies or products/services from Small or Mid-Level companies is; their project roadmaps or budget planning end on the day of launch - where they spend most of the budget and energy to prepare the branding, design and web/app development or social media channels etc..

But when it comes to advertisement they think they don’t need it or they don’t have any plan or budget - this is the reason I am writing this article.

While making a website you was so conscious if 100 visitors will come on same time what will happen - the server go down / site crash … ? Your technology people come up with CDN / Cloud hosting etc… But are you inviting all those people ? This is advertisement an invitation toward your digital space.

I always love to relate all the complex problems or questions with common life scenarios or examples to establish better and easy understand for everyone.

Lets suppose the idea you are making in form of web service or application is like an event of Wedding or Birthday Party - where you arrange the space to entertain 500 guests which is hosting or infrastructure and you prepare the meal list which is functions or features then you are preparing a table from welcome to establish the importance of event or a speech etc.. which are contents and delivering them with specific order is User experience but you didn’t plan any invitation or you didn’t invite anyone for the event :) which is SEO, Social Media Marketing or Digital Marketing - now who ever is close or get informed by chance will come to your event.

I think above scenario make you clear about the importance of Advertisement & Marketing in digital world.

I will start sharing the techniques and strategies for Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, SMO and SMM in my next articles - in this opening article, I want to address what we are going to discuss next and people who are in similar situation and want to get help to connect with their audience in digital world.

Content Marketing is all the marketing that’s left.