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Sharjah Islamic Affairs

SIA application allows the user to know the services provided by the Department of Islamic Affairs in Sharjah in the UAE and benefit from them.

The application is divided into a series of sections, including (fatwas and preaching - building and take care of mosques - prayer Times – Qibla direction - mosques and their locations - Friday preachers - hijri calendar setting - near by mosque search )

With the possibility of communicating with the department through the application and send suggestions, complaints and requests for maintenance and other services.





Qada Ramadan

iOS Application

Qada Ramadan is the companion to follow up on what you missed of fasting on Ramadan by determining the number of days you want to jurisdiction,

the app is based at the same time to determine your location automatically, this application can teach you the date of the judiciary when entering the Maghrib and follow-up the number of days that have been jurisdiction automatically as soon as the app has been informing Elimination by reminders that automatically appear when the time for Maghrib screen.


To determine the precise location, you'll be sure to run the geographical location settings and you are connected to the Internet or backhaul GPS.






Re-Branding, Website & Print

The building and construction sector has witnessed a tremendous qualitative and quantitative leap as a true reflection of the successes attributed to the state’s strategy to develop these two main sectors.

Website, SMO, SMM, Outdoor

Real Estate is one of the fastest growing sectors in UAE with an estimated Value of US$250 billion towards the end of 2015.

UAE has recently witnessed an unrivaled upswing of properties and architecture that become the talk of the world. The Arab Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC) countries have also witnessed growth in their real estate sector, yet are miles behind the development in UAE which is reaping high dividends for the nation. Also providing a look at the Asian and European Property and Real Estate sector. Bringing a broader outlook and understanding of the global market.



As part of our dream for The Universal Design City ATTOPIA, the exhibition offers an opportunity to learn about the latest research and practices in Assistive Technology,

from leading organizations locally and internationally. Participants will have a chance to attend workshops on Assistive Technology within the conference’s main topics, which are: Assistive Technology and Education, Assistive Technology and modern Technologies – a blend, Assistive Technology and activities of daily life and Assistive Technology and disabilities: different models.

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