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Mobile Development

It’s a strategy that rapidly transforms ideas into innovative, exceptionally designed secure mobile apps. It puts the user experience first. It empowers businesses to develop and manage their own apps to better engage with their customers, partners, and employees. It’s apps for anyone, anywhere, and anything.

Native Apps


Native applications are developed mostly for a mobile OS using native languages of the platforms such as Apple uses ObjectiveC or Swift uses IOS And java for android. Also the apps are build with proper documentation and technical guidelines with consideration of the user experience of OS which give easy access and

higher degree of reliability.

At Innovationbox, Native apps are developed within a mature ecosystem following the technical documents and UX guidelines of the Operating System. Our native apps always perform faster. Our clients are more satisfied and thus more likely to learn how to navigate and use the app faster. Developing native applications have the advantage of being able to easily access and utilize the built-in capabilities of the user’s device like camera, address book etc.

Hybrid Apps


Not sure if you want to go with native iOS or Android apps in your mobile app development project? Or want to create a business app that runs smoothly on every platform, mobile, and browser. Hybrid Mobile apps can be the right choice for you. More so, Hybrid apps cost only 50-70% of native apps.

InnovationBox team of expert of hybrid app developers have been building top of the line hybrid apps development with most innovative frameworks. Get cross platform mobile apps developed in quick turnaround time, with faster time to market and considerable cost advantage. Brings in your creative ideas, and get your apps realized at the app store.

Web Apps


Innovationbox offers the comprehensive approach in the development of cross platform mobile apps which runs on multiple devices having different operating systems. Our developers uses the most popular cross platform mobile app development frameworks in developing the original apps which decreases the cost and increases the speed.

In Web apps, we use singular environment to benefit multiple market in a sensible and practical approach. Also because of its original functionality and conserve design, interest shown by the customers towards cross platform is all time high and and its turning mainstream to keep up the long term business value.

In Innovationbox, we develop the mobile apps on a native platform or in a singular environment that will then allow the app to be sent to many different native platforms. In addition, cross-platform mobile development tools are generally quite easy according to us, as they are based on the common languages for scripting, including CSS, HTML, JavaScript etc. With native platform mobile development it may be longer as each operating system needs a separate set of code which no longer needed in cross platform apps. Also in Innovationbox, we update the mobile operating systems frequently, so with the increased speed mobile apps are developed faster.

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